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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a Real Estate Salesperson?

Massachusetts requires that you attend a 40-hour Pre-Licensing Course and take a 120-multiple-question test at one of five testing sites around the state. The passing acore is 70%.

What is the diffecence between a salesperson and a broker?

The salesperson's license is the first one you can obtain. you can become a broker after three years working as a salesperson under a broker, taking and passing the broker's course and test, and posting a $5,000 bond. Brokers are bonded to handle other people's money (deposits, commissions). Salespersons are not bonded and give other people's money to their broker. Other than handling money, salespersons do everything a broker does.

How long does it take to finish the course?

Most of our students finish in two weeks by taking a class a day. Each class is four hours long and they are divided intn two 2-hour segments. Each of the ten classes focuses on a different subject matter. We offer an extremely flexible schedule so that some students can finish in a week, month or year.

What do I need to bring to class?

A highlighter for the book and some notepads and pens to copy notes. An attentive mind is also good to bring.

Is there a schedule of classes?

For all locations, please call the contact person at the office closest to you on the Course Locator.

What happens after I take the course?

You will receive a "Massachusetts Real Estate Candidate Handbook" which is your certificate ot take the test. It is valid for two years. There is an 800 number with Pearson Vue to schedule your test. You should try to schedule the test on a date when you feel you will have studied enough. The test consists of 120 multiple choice questions. You must obtain at leaset a 70% score to pass. After you pass, you can pay for and receive your license at the testing center. Once you have your license, you can immediately work for a broker. IF YOU NEED SOME ASSISTANCE WITH JOB PLACEMENT, PLEASE CALL US. We know humdreds of offices across the state.

What happens if I don't pass?

Your certifidate is good for two years, so you can reschedule to take the test again. You can repeat our course free of charge. You can call Richard D. Harris to ask questions and pinpoint problem areas. We also have great study tools like review CDs, flash cards and our own practice tests. See our Study Tools page.

What should I do if my salesperson's license expires?

Call the Board of Registration in Boston (617) 727-2373 and request an activation form. They will require you to pay for the last four licensing cycles (8 years) if you haven't paid your renewal for a while. You will also have to meet the continuing education requirements, which is 12 hours every 2 years in MA.

What is continuing education?

To ensure professionalism and current information in the field of Real Estate, every state requires continuing education every two years before you renew your license. New Hampshire requires 15 hours every two years. Harris Real Estate School offers continuing education at all our locations for Massachusetts on a weekly basis. We also offer our course online with video or with Hondo's Learning in a written form. For continuing education to qualify for both Massachusetts and New Hampshire, you must come to our Rowley location.